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5 foods that enhance sex

The good sex is the result of many factors: the couple compatibility , availability, levels of desire and of course the physical condition of each own. And it is in this aspect where our physical condition and the type of food that we have a decisive bearing on the production of hormones, also interfering with our sexual encounters, not interesting?? we give you 5 foods that enhance sex encounters giving you more enjoyable.

foods that enhance sex

The chocolate , especially the black, is one of the foods that enhance sex because of its positive effect on the process of release of dopamine, which improves our mood, helps fight depression and makes us more willing to sexual encounter.
For this dose of joy and satisfaction offered by the chocolate, is that for centuries was considered an aphrodisiac food .

Foods rich in zinc are essential to have good sexual encounters, because this mineral promotes the production of testosterone and estrogen that have a positive influence on the levels of sexual desire. One of the foods rich in zinc can you eat to have good sex are pipes or sunflower seeds, unsalted and preferably in its natural presentation, they offer an excellent contribution of this mineral that helps us to be more sexually active.

And continuing with zinc, there is a food that enhances sex and that we can consume on a daily basis with no problem: the chicken . Your contribution of zinc and vitamin B makes it an excellent alternative, it is also a very versatile food that can cook in many ways. Alternatively, less common but equally favorable consumption are oysters, always regarded as a highly aphrodisiac food.
Garlic is a very beneficial food for our body and one of the most common ways to spice up our plates. But it is also a food that sex improves significantly mainly due to its content of allicin, which favors the levels of sexual desire and allows you to enjoy more powerful and longer lasting erections.
Another classic in the Mediterranean diet is tomato , and guess what? is one of the great food to improve sex . This is due to its high content of antioxidants, specifically lycopene, which helps to improve the production of testosterone would enhance erections.

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