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A dozen manicures for Christmas

At this time you will have probably a good Christmas and embarrassment, if not literally, in the metaphorical of course. So I’ve thought about doing a fun degreasing post. confess that as I have entered into the fabulous world of nail art, is I have been putting the knuckle, in some cases, also in the literal sense is that I do not know you, but to me a manicure lasts me at most, a week and this looooong looooong stretching it. Come on, most of times I’ve had a manicure (which we are not so many) after a while it had a broken or I had gone enamel, so do these things I find it quite worthwhile, though doubtful taste. In short, everything has to be in the vineyard of the Lord, just that I’m out of this world I am.

A dozen manicures for Christmas

So let’s go over some options manicure, if this evening or any evening in fifteen days you will get bored and you get there:
1. Sweets
This manicure has two problems:
One It is as bulky. Has relief! Is not that uncomfortable? Do not you go stick by hooking the sweet pockets?
And two. When you eat a prawn and chupeteas fingers (confess, you do): is not it a bit guarrindongo food that you stay under the fingernails? Do not you swallow Svarowsky crystals?

Two. Poinsettias
The traditional Christmas plant in nail version. Does not lack detail: pampanitos green sheets … tch

Three. Christmas tree
This lacquer imitating grass, makes me very nervous. I have the impression that you should be leaving wisps here and there. And it comes, again, the same question that one manicure. What happens when you eat a small crab leg?

April. Christmas lights
As we crossed the joke … fireflies … and it seems to Las Vegas. Is not that right?

May. Reyes Magos
Did you think they would not have their place in this post? Yes! Here are their camels … all three one after the other …

6. Nativity Scene
Where do the Kings? For the Portal de Belén, clearly … Anyway, this manicure is a bit of a pain because the motive is the same in all nails.

7. Santa Claus
Some Santas who look at each other with pink nose can only mean one thing.

8. The journey of Santa Claus
This form of nail disturbs me. More than nails look claws animal … This form is puzzling, but they have a drawing currado passing from one to another to prove that Santa fly with his sleigh …

9. Santa Hat
If it’s just a fluke and just put it this hood, you can have up to grace.

10. Santa Belt
One of the most iconic accessories Santa Claus suit, no doubt.

11. Christmas Village
A forest, houses with fire, snow, night, stars … As if we trasladásemos Lapland a dream of Van Gogh.

12. Gift Wrap
This is fascinating. Gold, red and green … just missing the tie.

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