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A Meditation Guru Explains How to Have Better Sex — With Your Mind

mindfulness during sex

Like the best  meditation teachers, Ora Nadrich wants us to connect to our authentic selves to achieve goals. Many people pursue mindfulness to feel more fully present in their lives and concentrate better. But unlike other meditation programs which clog our newsfeeds in a very un-Zen way, Nadrich wants us to get there through sex.

Nadrich emphasizes that mindfulness, or a state of awareness that helps us pay attention to our lives, won’t just help us during sex — it’s actually extremely important in all aspects of the bedroom. We had the chance to talk with Nadrich via email about her upcoming book Says Who? How One Single Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever, and get the inside scoop on how our state of mind can completely transform our sex lives.

YouBeauty: Aside from the sexual benefits, why should we pay attention to mindfulness in the bedroom? Can it improve other areas of your life?

Ora Nadrich: All of the areas of our life are greatly improved if we practice mindfulness. Our attention and awareness increases, and all of our senses are working optimally. We are able to connect to the best of ourselves when we are mindful, and therefore able to give the best of ourselves to others.

One of the most important places to practice mindfulness is in the bedroom. This is where people are very vulnerable and want to feel they can let their guard down with someone they trust and feel safe with. In order for that to happen effectively, both parties must be present in the room — mind, body and spirit — and able to focus their attention on one another 100%. To connect intimately with someone, you need to be fully aware of what their needs are. If you’re distracted, or your mind isn’t completely there, then you can’t be sensitive to someone else’s needs. Mindfulness is about being fully present with total awareness, and that’s how you need to be in the bedroom to have the best intimate and sexual experience possible. [Click on to read more…]

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