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Caring for plants in summer

The hottest season is approaching in some parts of the world and it becomes necessary to know how to care for plants in summer . If you want your plants look beautiful and strong in your garden, pay attention to the following tips.

Caring for plants in summer

Just as we need to drink more water in warmer seasons not dehydrated, plants also need to absorb water more frequently to their branches, leaves and in the worst case, the roots do not dry out.

Tips for caring for plants in summer
Water your plants with a higher frequency of you came to do so, especially the plants that are in pots as being separate from the earth, will find it difficult to obtain water. This way you will be compensating for the lack of moisture that may have land because of dry weather and the increased presence of the sun.

To retain moisture in the pots, add to land a small amount of clay. This ingredient will help retain moisture and water for the plant to survive more easily.

The care of the plants in hot weather  should be thorough, so you should be more concerned with removing the dead foliage that takes away power to the plant.

Another advice or tips for caring for plants , is putting on  fertilized soil , so you avoid having to fertilize periodically.

For plants that need a lot more water, excellent advice for care is to make a small wooden mantle, leaves and even branches near the ground. This will help the moisture in the soil and the plant keeps not be long without absorbing water.

Do not let the summer end with your plants ! Now you know how to take care of them, put these tips into practice and always keep your garden green.

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