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How to dye gray hair with natural methods

Whether you are a man or a woman, hair is a source of fascination. There are those who prefer the natural, even with a few gray hairs and those who really do not make it to see his hair with silver strands that stand out inside. Sure, the dyes are a weapon of beauty in reach of anyone, but it is to say that not all the love, and this for various different reasons. So today we will explain how to dye white hair with natural methods .
How to dye gray hair with natural methods

Also, use natural methods is an excellent alternative for those with allergies or for women who are pregnant , for which the chemical dyes are strictly prohibited.

How to dye your hair white with natural methods there were already employed in another article , but this time we extend the list of useful products to the beauty of our hair. After henna, chamomile, sage and rosemary , here are alternative remedies for hair dye:

Amla : it is a vegetable powder widely used by Indian women to strengthen and revitalize the hair color. Can be used pure, simply mixed with warm water, or in addition to henna to get a deeper color.
Indigo : it is always a vegetable powder but allows you to color your hair black. Exactly how amla can be used undiluted, which together with henna.
Walnut : used pure, diluted with just a bit ‘of warm water, allows you to get a pap to spread on the hair that not only covers gray hair, but gives your hair very beautiful golden-brown highlights. Used with henna, on the contrary, gives a darker effect to the natural dye.

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