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How to moisturize your skin

When we realize that we cool, we are ready to run the shops to find a way to moisturize the skin , so we look through the shelves last moisturizer without thinking that we can take action and prevent the onset of dry skin. Let’s see how to moisturize your skin and keep it soft and silky, 365 days a year.

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The first rule to moisturize your skin is simple: drink! The hydration of the skin depends on the contribution of water in the body. Ingest more water and more water will be available for our skin. Ingest fruits rich in vitamin A and vitamin E can be significant, especially for those with sensitive skin. The right amount of water, not only will help us to moisturize the skin but also greatly improve our metabolism helping to reduce fat mass.

Drink two liters of water a day should ensure a soft and supple skin, but for those not satisfied and want a skin silky and fragrant, may resort to the use of the aforementioned moisturizers. Today in the market there are different types: for fair skin, dark, dry, dull, for the face, hands, around the eyes … you’ll be spoiled for choice.

How to moisturize your skin with creams. In this case, the rules are two and concern the application of the cream from both points of view a scheduling demands (when apply) and frequency (how many times to apply). Be sure not to apply the moisturizer too often, even if you have very dry skin, the cream may clog the pores. We recommend applying moisturizer cream on a daily basis, after taking a shower.

Remember though, that only the moisturizer is not enough in winter to avoid cracking you have to drink a lot in the summer to avoid skin dryness must also drink a lot more to protect yourself from UV rays that tend to damage the skin making it less elastic.

If women are advised to use moisturizers with vitamin A and vitamin E, which nourish and strengthen the skin and keep it supple. For more mature people are advised creams moisturize the skin on alpha-hydroxy acids, selenium or tropoelastin, so as to invigorate the skin and make it look healthy and radiant.

Attention to ” scrub DIY “for both the face and the body, it is true, removes impurities but for the most sensitive skin can increase the feeling of dryness, then combine it again with a moisturizing treatment.

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