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How to remove stains from mud shoes

The rain hits the windows and just got home. You’re walking into the kitchen, when you notice that a trail of mud stretches after your steps. You look at those responsible for this disaster: you can just make your shoes behind much mud. Do not be alarmed: they can return to be as clean as before. Here are some steps to remove mud stains shoes.

How to remove stains from mud shoes

Tricks to remove mud stains from shoes
# 1 Let the mud dry
The dry clay is much easier to get than it is not. Put your shoes in a warm place or great ventilation. Thus, you will accelerate the process.

# 2 Remove the dried mud
Take a paper towel (or use just your hands if you feel comfortable) and clear the bits of mud. This may take time, but worth it.

# 3 Hand wash warm
If after peel the dried mud, there are spots in either the shoe or the laces, wash by hand. Thus, to avoid losing their shape. Thus, some water and detergent is, in most cases, sufficient to solve the problem.

# 4 machine wash warm
If having done the above, stains persist, wash machine. Before, make sure there is nothing else in the washing machine. This will prevent other clothing colorfast and add new spots to your shoes.

# 5 Post to dry
Once clean, let the sun dry your shoes. Do not use the dryer, this can ruin your shoes.
If you need more tips to remove other stubborn stains, please consult: Tips to remove stains on suede shoes  or How to remove stains on clothing .

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