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How to Ride a Man and Look Sexy Doing It!

How to ride a man and look sexy at the same time

Riding a man is easy.

All you need to do is get on top on him, and go with the motions.

But for a first timer or someone who hasn’t really been riding a man often enough, there are many things you need to know to make a ride feel sexy and look even sexier.

Riding a man can be messy at most times.

How to Ride a Man and Look Sexy Doing It

How to Ride a Man and Look Sexy Doing It

If you’re feeling all sweaty while riding a man for the first time, that’s the least of your problems really.

Your hair would be flying all over the place and sticking all over you, you’d get cramps in your knees and you’d feel more tired than a round of the Insanity workout.

But riding a man doesn’t always have to be this bad. If you know the right way to ride a man, you can actually make him more horny than ever, and look so sexy he’d want to eat you up!

The best positions to ride a man

This is pretty simple. When you’re on top of him and letting him penetrate you, just sit in a manner that feels good. It’ll come naturally, and you don’t really have to memorize any names for it. After all, there’s a new sex position with a fancy name getting added to the list every single day!

Riding a man and what your guy would think of you

Riding a man is a very dominant and confident position. While this may come easy for many girls, most girls still find the thought of shedding their inhibitions while watching their breasts gallop in midair over a man intimidating.

Facing away from him. In this position, you sit down on your man who’s lying down but face away from him so your butt faces him while you look towards his feet. If your guy’s a butt guy who loves a sexy butt more than an eyeful of boobs, then he’d love this position.

Cuddling up. You can start off by sitting down on your man with your feet on either side of your man’s chest. But after he penetrates you, bend both his knees up so you can lean your back against his thighs. And get your boyfriend to sit up so it feels like both of you are actually sitting down and cuddling each other, while penetrating at the same time.

If you feel uncomfortable about showing off too much of your body while sitting on him, the cuddle can be a great sex position. It’ll cover your body up so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable, and at the same time, it’ll make the whole position feel more intimate.

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