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How to tell if “he” is the right one

To understand about “him” is the right one you have to roll a die with his right hand on a table, thinking hard about the loved one.
At each of the six possibilities that may arise from the die roll is a “type” of man . Here is the meaning.

red white puzzle

At number one is a man father, who needs to drive his partner, which must be very feminine and very sweet.
has a lot of sympathy towards those who love, is also a skilled man successful in business and society, where it moves with great tact.

At number two is a man charming, excellent companion from the intellectual point of view, much courted by the women who are interested in him.
loves luxury and comfortable life and are often victims of their own emotional impulses, after which it is ready to repent.

At number three is a man sensitive, prone to family life and that he needs to have a woman beside quiet, good wife and companion who encourages him in the most important decisions.

At number four is a man a little distracted and cold in his intimate events. Also still appreciates the virginity of his life partner.
has not brought great passion and love is undemanding.
Its ideal companion is a woman in a careful and fair.

At number five is a man proud, pedantic and centralizing.
Due to its practical nature will have great financial rewards.
Alongside this’ man ‘s life will be neither easy nor quiet.

At number six is a man spiritual, sensitive, lover of travel in exotic countries.
His wife must have a delicate charm, an intense passion that must meet his expectations.
hardly bride, but when does it become a good husband .

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