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How to wash clothes spandex

If you wonder how to wash spandex garments you have at home, these tips will see how your clothes will last in good condition for much longer, as there is nothing like giving each type of fabric specific care you need.The spandex garments which mostly have at home are swimwear, underwear and sportswear especially as are leggings, blouses or sports shorts.

How to wash clothes spandex

Care for laundry spandex
While spandex be machine washed in a gentle cycle, it is best to do it by hand because in this way we ensure that our garment retain its flexibility and does not lose its shape. The washing should be preferably with liquid soap or a detergent for delicates.

To dry your clothes spandex for any pervert reason hard your clothes and what you will achieve in the long run is that the garment to lose its strength, it is best that you take the time to press your pledge against the sink to remove excess water .

Take care to wash your clothes with time and not late, because this way you can leave your spandex clothes dry in the sun and there is no need to use the dryer. The heat from the dryer will damage the fibers of the cloth doing that at some point break.
For the same reason we can not use the dryer with these spandex wearing , is that you completely forget the iron to pass this type of clothing because it does not need it.
Do not use chlorine in the spandex  as it is too strong chemical and burns up the fibers of the fabric, weakening it and favoring the appearance of cracks.

The procedure for washing cloth such procedure is the same as hand washing to follow to wash wool garments by hand , know your procedure and find more ways to take care of all your clothing closet for this it lasts longer here at Total Home.

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