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Is it good to eat before exercising?

I remember years ago, my parents, the physical education teacher at the school and even some monitors Gyms, recommended not to eat at least one hour before physical activity. As everything evolves, it is not surprising that habits or things that were once considered harmful today no longer eligible, however, the question still having some effect … Is it good to eat before exercising? Find out below!

Is it good to eat before exercising

Why avoiding eating before exercise
Past studies claimed that the performance of athletes was reduced by drinking or eating food before physical activity , because this produced a rise in blood sugar, but also a steep descent, can cause hypoglycemia.

Today new research about it, show that the performance and physical capacity is not diminished by eating before going to the gym , nay, increases if carbohydrate fast digesting ingested, so says an article published by the New York Times.

Reasons not to eat before exercising
One of the strongest reasons is that, by not eating the fat reserves of the body burn more easily, which is ideal to keep in mind when looking to lose weight. And it’s even better if you start your exercise fasting, doing so promotes the breakdown of fat and glycogen which is used to generate power, is achieved in this way to lose weight and body fat.

Moreover it has also been found to be active in fasting rejuvenates brain and muscle tissue.

To eat or not to eat before exercise?
Ideally, set your own pace, and is proven to eat before training is not harmful, but it should be the person who determines. For example, if you start doing exercise on an empty stomach and you feel dizzy and weak, but maybe your goal is to lose the weight suits you eat a light breakfast.

According to the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, drink 20 grams of whey protein milk half an hour before exercise increases metabolism for 24 hours after training is completed. As you follow this advice can lead to burn more fat without losing muscle tone.
And you, what do you think? Is it good to eat before exercising? Tell us what you think!

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