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Natural Ways to Improve Your Breast Size

The rise in the popularity of Barbie dolls has contributed to the change in the concept of beauty in the modern world. Although ladies with big breasts have always been admired and ogled upon by both men and women, many are contented with the bosoms that nature has endowed them. Nowadays, however, it seems that women, both young and old, are pining for cup D-sized breasts in order to feel beautiful and complete. All over the world, the breast enhancement industry is thriving and continually expanding.

If you are one of the girls who have been teased because of your small breasts, you do not have to worry. Breast augmentation surgery is not the only way for you to increase your breast size. There are safer and more natural ways to make your pair appear bigger and fuller than they really are. Read on and discover how you can enhance your breasts the natural way.

Maximize With Exercise

Natural Ways to Improve Your Breast Size

Your grandmother or mother probably knew about the “I must increase my bust” exercise that has become popular in the 60s. Since breasts are made up of fat, this move does not really help in making your boobs bigger. However, it helps a lot in strengthening and firming your chest muscles, which is just underneath your breasts. Strong and well-toned chest muscles actually help make your boobs appear bigger and firmer. So even if bust exercises do not directly augment the size of your breasts, they are still helpful.

Doing push ups is the best strengthening workout for chest muscles. In order to target the correct muscles, you just have to make sure that your hands are aligned to your breasts and not to your shoulders. If you cannot perform push ups with your toes on the floor, you can always use your knees. However, once you have built strength, it is advisable to try doing the exercises on your toes for maximum benefits. At first, you can try to do two to three sets of about 10 repetitions.

Aside from the chest muscles, you also need to build your back muscles so that you have a better posture. Although strong back muscles do not contribute to augmenting your breasts, they help in giving you a straighter posture, which will help make your boobs look a little bigger. Back extension exercise is the best way to firm and tone your upper and lower back muscles.

The Power Of Bra

Do not underestimate the power of your bra in making your boobs look bigger. A lot of women have smaller and droopy-looking boobs because they do not know how to choose a bra that will make their boobs look bigger and fuller.

The features that you should look for in a bra are underwires, full-support cups, and solid back straps. You need underwires for maximum support, especially if you have sagging breasts. As soon as a woman reaches 30, her boobs start to droop and sag because the skin of the breasts loses elasticity. To help counter the effects of gravity on your bust, you have to always use a bra with an underwire.

Another important feature is full and supportive cup. Flimsy lace or sheer bra cups will not do you any good if your boobs are hanging down. If you want some cleavage, you can also look for full cups with removable pads on the sides and bottom.

Back straps that are wide, solid and firm are helpful in pulling your boobs up. However, thin lace and cotton straps are not that strong to help hoist up your packages in front no matter what size they are. Leave the lacy and flimsy straps to pre-teens and teenagers.

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