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So how do you hands soft and silky

Soft Hands

glass bottle with stopper
glass bowl or timber
wooden spoon
30 ml of glycerine
30 ml of rose water
20 ml of orange juice

The various daily tasks that we perform, the different temperatures, contact with detergents and frequent washing, especially stress to the skin of our hands, making her appear: irritated, chapped and dry.

Let’s see, how can you remedy these flaws, with simple natural remedies, bringing nourishment and hydration.
Proceed by pouring in a glass bowl or timber, 30 ml of glycerol, 30 ml of rose water and 20 ml of orange juice. We mix everything with a wooden spoon, until an emulsion fluid, which is then poured into the flask.

- Tips
You may want to lay hands on a veil of the product obtained once a day.

– Warnings
If your hands are subjected to frequent washing, it is appropriate to put the fluid hands several times a day.

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