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Student health insurance Keeps parents at ease

When your child goes aboard to pursue studies, it becomes extremely important to take care of his health. The physical distance separating you and your child makes it difficult to tend to his or her needs and health. In this case, a student health insurance is a boon as it offers your child with all the amenities and facilities that you wish to provide.

Student health insurance Keeps parents at ease

Student health insurance Keeps parents at ease

To give your child best of facilities and render smooth life abroad, a student travel Insurance can prove very helpful. So, you may make the premium payment in Indian rupees and let your child take advantage of this benefit abroad. Payment of premium in Indian rupees is of significance as it is instrumental in reducing your costs as compared to purchasing policy abroad. With the purchase of insurance policy on home soil, you pay approximately 1/3rd the cost which you would otherwise have to shell out abroad. Another important reason to buy a student health insurance policy in India is its easy acceptance in several foreign universities. Universities across popular study destinations recognise your insurance policy as a substitute to their norms and conditions with respect to compulsory student insurance coverage.

As most study programs are of 2 year duration, the overseas student travel insurance plan comes with a continuous cover of 2 years. This means that you can enjoy coverage for the entire 2 years period of your study and get respite from policy extension or the worry of policy expiry. This is extremely convenient from the student point of view as they can enjoy all the benefits of the insurance policy and concentrate on their academics without the added stress of policy expiration or renewal.

With online facilities offered by a travel insurance company , you end up saving considerable amount of time with online extension feature. You can also get easy claim settlements when availing of the cashless claim feature from the insurance company鈥檚 network of the premium health care providers. This reduces the hassles of traveling or stress in emergency situations to process claims or renew policy.

Your overseas studen travel insurance policy is comprehensive in its structure and takes care of all unexpected medical non-medical expenses during your stay abroad. This feature is extremely important to the students as they are easily prepared to handle any unexpected medical emergencies like sudden hospitalisation. The coverage for checked-in baggage loss or passport loss is offered by travel insurance company like ICICI Lombard after the settlement of a deductible and can reduce the stress that can throw your child schedule off balance the first few days in a foreign land.

Keeping all these factors and benefits in mind, a student travel insurance policy not only ensures smooth transition for your child in a new land but also secures his or her stay throughout the duration of the course.

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