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This Is Exactly How Many Drinks It Takes to Make Him Look Hotter

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Though they're not a great look, pretty much everyone tries on a pair of beer goggles at some point. Doing shots to make a dude seem more attractive is not exactly our idea of a hot date, but according to asurvey from Slo Down Wines, it only takes three drinks to get to a place where your eyes deceive you. Kinda makes you wanna slow your roll, eh?

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The winos at Slo Down wanted to find out how drinking affects our love lives, so they asked 325 men and 325 women for the intimate details of their dates.

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In addition to the three-drink rule, they found that 60 percent of people said that having a few drinks gets them feeling frisky. But using booze to turn things hot and heavy will probably backfire: 13 percent of respondents said that they’re unable to orgasm after drinking. And, not surprisingly, women’s orgasms are taking the biggest hit.

Still, if you’re drinking on a date to loosen up a little, you’re not alone: Two-thirds admit to liquoring up in pursuit of love.

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Even though a few drinks may make your date look a bit more bangable, two-thirds of people said drinking doesn’t actually make them feel any more attractive(even if it does make you bolder).

Moral of the story? Stick to two drinks or less if you're looking for the real deal.

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