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Travel insurance: Rio Brought in a Floating Hotel for the Summer Olympics

For the next two weeks, Rio will be the center of the universe, as the world descends on Brazil’s crown jewel for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The reports coming out of the city ahead of the games have been grim, especially when it comes to accommodations for the athletes, with countries like Australia refusing to move into the Olympic Village due to poor conditions.

More-fortunate visitors might find themselves on The Norwegian Getaway, a 4000-passenger cruise ship that will dock in Rio’s Pier Maua from August 4 to 22, during which it will become a luxurious floating hotel. However, scoring a room aboard The Getaway won’t be easy. If you’re not a member of the International Olympic Federation, the National Organizing Committee, the Rio Host Committee, or a corporate sponsor, you’ll probably have an easier time finding vacancy on terra firma.


Norwegian Cruise Line

The ones lucky enough to make it on board will have access to all of the ship’s regular amenities. Those include an impressive array of upscale restaurants, a sprawling sports complex, a spa, and of course, the cruise ship staple water park.

According to USA Today, Rio isn’t the only city to charter the Norwegian ship for a high-profile sporting event. When New York City played host to the Super Bowl in 2014, The Getaway doubled as the debaucherous “Bud Light Hotel.” So while the Olympic Village is historically known as the party epicenter of every Olympics, it may have to settle for a silver medal in Rio.

Book your own trip on The Norwegian Getaway, and let us know if you plan on watching the Olympic Games.

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