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Travel insurance: These Are the Most Popular Airbnbs in the World

Since launching in 2008, Airbnb has changed the way we vacation. The home-sharing platform has evolved into a full-blown empire, changing the face of the hospitality industry in the process. Just eight years after beginning the company with a few hundred hosts, Airbnb boasts over 1.5 million active listings.

Apart from the sheer volume of hosts, Airbnb has amassed a diverse portfolio of properties all over the world, from humble cottages in rural America to chic villas in exotic locales like Bali. In fact, there are so many dwellings to choose from that picking the right one can feel downright daunting.

Lucky for us, the fine folks at Country Living have scoured Pinterest to bring us the 10 most repinned Airbnb rentals in the site’s history. Among the coveted domiciles is a 350-square-foot home in Portland, Oregon, a mountain retreat in Red Rock, Arizona, and a panoramic loft in Rome, which is just a 10-minute stroll from the historic St. Peter’s Basilica.

Other homes singled out by Country Living include a romantic bed-and-breakfast in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania, which has been called “the best Airbnb on the East Coast” by reviewers, and a tiny apartment in Tokyo that is Super Mario Bros. themed. In other words, there’s something for everyone on Airbnb.

Be sure to book one of the hot spots above, and tell us about your best Airbnb experience.

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