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Virgin Mobile Complaint Resolved

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Back in December last year I wrote about a complaint I made to Virgin Mobile regarding the data they were sending to my credit file. I said that I had written to the Information Commissioner to ask them to review my complaint.

Yesterday I received a call from Virgin Media because the Information Commissioner had contacted them about my complaint. In summary I was complaining about the fact that late payment markers were being posted to my credit report, and that longer term it would be better for them to default the account.

In the two years I have been complaining to Virgin Media, I didn’t get anywhere so that’s why I had no other option but to contact the Information Commissioner.

The outcome of the complaint

Virgin Media have said they would now do the following: –

  • They can’t back date the default so gave me two options: –
    • They could default me now. This wasn’t acceptable.
    • They would remove all data from my credit reports and there would be no trace of what happened with the account.

I selected the last option. However as good as that was, because it is one less black mark on my credit file, in the grand scheme of things and considering how long my complaint had been ongoing, I wanted more.

This is cheeky I know but two years is a long time to try and get what should have been a simple complaint sorted so I felt I would see if I could get a bit of money off the debt. I asked the advisor who I was speaking to if they could reduce my debt. In the end agreement was reached to reduce the outstanding balance by half and so I now owe around £220. I was quite pleased with this and so I considered the complaint resolved.

It should also make next months debt balance update look a little better than of late. So all in all I am quite pleased with this and it is one more complaint that I can close. There is still a lot of things I need to get straightened out though and you will find out more over the coming months. Until then thanks for reading and if you are in debt, good luck.

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